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Failure is Always an Option

i've got a gun with 6 shots and a head full of mad

the Morse Code
16 August 1990
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here_come_dots: interpreting reality creatively since 2005.


Call me Meredith. I'm twenty years old. I'm from Missouri, United States, and I hate it. I'm a geek and a television junkie. Coffee is my lifeblood. Science fiction is my passion and writing is my first love. I abuse punctuation. I talk about music, bands, and singers a lot. I am: a procrastinator, easily distracted, fickle and indecisive, a musician, an artist, a cynic, somewhat misanthropic, and master of my own universe... or universes.
paranormal investigators (when they're fictional), science fiction, Ludo, steampunk, aliens, travel through time and space, television, music, books, scarves, double breasted coats, video games, tea, coffee, gadgets, hablando en español, the Internet, bass guitar, etc.
friends only.
Because the idea of the whole world reading all of my thoughts, emotions, and experiences is disconcerting. Comment to be added.

To keep my profile neat all fandoms, ships, etc. are in my journal and pretty easy to find.

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